August, 2015

Come on.  Let’s be honest, lesbians are so easy to pick out of a crowd!  Here are a few characteristics to picking one out today:

1.     Baggy Clothes

Obviously, lesbians love to wear baggy clothes. Extra room allows for not only comfort space, but also for insecurities and masculinity.  And of course to fit another lesbian!  After all, they’re still females and do travel in packs.

2.     Short Hair

Because lesbians wear more clothes than needed, the only way for them to even it out is by decreasing the amount of hair they have!  Otherwise, they might become not proportional.

3.     Butch

Do I really need to explain this one… Lesbians are obviously far too busy hating men and religion to shave, wear makeup, or even dress feminine!

4.     Happy Camper

If you spot a chick who actually enjoys camping, this is the deal breaker for lesbianism! Camping is like online dating… But for lesbians.  They get to ignore their cosmetic needs, impress each other with their lack of necessity for men, and hopefully recruit a straight woman for their sinful ways.

Yes.  I am only kidding. But these are actual stereotypes that we really have to live by!  Unbelievable, right?!  Growing up, I always had a hard time with my body.  I only ever felt comfortable with myself when I wore baggy clothes.  After a while, I found my wardrobe had become 85% clothes from the boys section and 15% from the girls section.  (I didn’t touch the other fifteen percent.)  Eventually, rumors began to pile about me being an “in the closet lesbian.”  What?!  I was like ten!  I barely knew what a lesbian was, let alone how to be one!  My class.  No.  My school, labelled me solemnly based upon my appearance.  The word lesbian became an insult for me and until two months ago (even after coming out) I refused to be labelled as one. 

Here are a couple of random videos for people who hate reading.  These actually hit a few topics I miss: (Sorry I, for some reason, am not allowed to insert videos at the moment so here are links :/ )

https://youtu.be/WHCrxRwon6c  This is definitely the best one I have found thus far.  Hits many topics and is entertaining.  ENJOY!

https://youtu.be/f-lXVERkGRo   TURN YOUR VOLUME UP!!!!!  Very quiet but she again, makes some interesting and true points.

https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=LOuLsyxBxcc   Again, shows just how important and generalized lesbians have become.

(Yes videos may share similarities of very common stereotypes.)

Now here are some links for additional information regarding the issue:




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