Notes From Freshmen 

I’ve come to realize that she is using me… First, I had to beg for her to give my hoodie back after having it for multiple days. (And not ever seeing her wearing it.). Then she immediately asked to borrow my adidas pants. (I was like bish no.) 

THEN I told her that she led me on and she wrote me a dramatic note.  In the note, she wrote about how she doesn’t want to hurt me and how glad she is to have me in her life because of how good I make her feel. First of all, yeah I made you feel good I was flirting with you. Second, you want me to stay around you to give you attention and raise your self confidence. Great. Good thing all I’m getting from this is sleep deprivation and my heart broken. 

In addition I can’t get her out of my head. Everyone I’ve told about her hates her and what she’s doing/done. I know I should too. But I don’t. I just don’t believe that she is straight…


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