I’m Here I’m Queer

Do not tell me it’s okay to be gay, but not do it around you.

Straight couples in the hallway suffocating one another with their tongues, but when I hold my girlfriend’s hand I cant seem to avoid the glares.

Straight guys flirt with me, even though I’m gay!

But when I flirt with straight girls, its not okay.

I know you’ll disagree, but straight people sicken me!

Not because they’re straight.  But because they have the audacity to alienate the way I love.

I am sick of learning about love from heterosexuals who don’t love the way I do.

I know there is only one love.  But when you spend generations stuffing my love into boxes and closets I can’t help but feel like it’s different!

It’s not my fault for not wanting to learn about love from those who want to take it away from me.

I understand that society is changing the way we see love, but I grew up without the change…  And I still don’t feel it.

How can I expect straight people to feel comfortable with me when I can’t even feel comfortable with myself?

Do you realize what it’s like to have people actually think your sexuality is some kind of sick side effect of rape or bad parenting.

Do you realize what it’s like to figure out the childhood bullies were right about everything they tormented you about.

Do you realize what it’s like to have so many people avoid or reject the way you love because they “don’t understand it.”

Do you realize what it’s like to have to redefine love, to fit the way you feel.

I’ve come  long way with being gay.  But if I could choose, I wouldn’t be this way.


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