On a Forgotten Promise. 

It’s been years since we’ve spoken

Yet, I’m still broken. 

I’m beginning to wonder if you ever existed…


You seemed perfect at the time

And I still think about you sometimes. 

But out of no where you left,

And as I’ve confessed

You’ve made me depressed 

And I never progressed. 

My heart, you oppressed 

That I neve addressed, 

Because I didn’t want to protest. 


What goes up must go down.

You dug me deep to see me drown. 

And I’m left with nothing but the thought 

Of all the happy-pain you brought. 


You used me for your own benefit 

And left me unprevalent 

From your unaffectionate 



You put me through hell 

And my mental health fell. 

Every night I tried to end it

But you’re an addiction I couldn’t quit. 


You left me.  

You promised you wouldn’t! 

How could it be 

You did what I couldn’t. 


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