Thoughts About Her

You’re all I want to write about

Because you’re all I think about. 

But I have no words to use 

Because my emotions you misuse. 

I am a water tower filled to the brim with anger and ready to drown the city you’re living in.  

I constantly tell myself, “I’m so over you.”

But that’s not true

Because when I think of love

You’re who I think of. 
You make me commit mental suicide the way you butcher my focus. 

Loving you is like chewing a jaw breaker. 
The sugar tastes so sweet. 

But hurts to eat. 

And you get a cavity. 

Your love is a train ready to depart, but I didn’t make it in time. 

No, I ran through the terminals, past the open doors of all the other trains 

And when I finally reached you, your doors slammed shut. 

And you whisked away ready to pick up a load of new passengers. 

You wanted me when you were empty. 
But now that she needs a ride home, I’m just a forgotten passenger. 
A passenger you’ve been hiding and you’re prepared to forget about. 
I fall in love with girls who need me. 

But they always throw me away when they don’t. 

They use me up and throw me away like garbage. 

I am not your rebound, or your backup plan. When you find out she still doesn’t want you the way you pretended to want me, I’ll be gone. 

I’ll have found another destination and be on my way. 

I want to be done looking for happiness in someone as unhappy as you. 
I’m sick of my idea of love, being with you. 

I’m sick of you. 

I don’t know what I need, but I know it’s not you.
But why can’t I throw this ticket away. 

I loved you so fucking much why can’t you love me back

I don’t even know

How to talk to you any-

More. Now that I’m trash 

It’s like I’m nothing to you! 

Do not pretend like you care. 

After all, if you did, I wouldn’t feel like I had been laying in your way. So you threw my stomach and squashed my heart. 

I don’t need you. I want you so badly. But I don’t need you. 

Actually, my brain has turned itself around like a moving vehicle and I’m finally thinking logically: 
I’m so over you. 

I’m so over you, the way you put your friend on a pedestal for doing absolutely nothing. 

I’m so over you, the way you label yourself selfless but only think of yourself. 

I’m so over you the way you hide my name like the sun during an eclipse. 

I’m so over you, the way you were never on me. 

So here’s your ticket. 

Give it to whoever you think deserves to be left behind and get no where. 


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