When I was twelve,  I hated myself.  Not to mention I didn’t get any attention.  I was shoved in the basement, and flooded with emptiness and leftover conversations.  At night, when I was drowning in darkness, I wasn’t afraid of the dark like I am today.  The darkness was a way for me to hide … More

Hating Myself

Hating Myself September, 2015 I have been taught to hate myself.  As a female I have been taught to hold myself to unreachable standards out of fear of being judged, different, not lady-like, or not good enough.  Just last month, I went to the pool with my family.  While standing in line for a water … More Hating Myself


June, 2015 Explanation is the foundation of reason.  Because of this, here are a few reasons to why I am a feminist: Number 1: Boys Will Be Boys When I was maybe twelve or thirteen years old, I thought I would be more interesting or cool if I had more guy friends.  At the time, … More Reasons