If everyone walks out of your life, maybe it’s not everyone else.  Advertisements

I want to feel happy, and I want you to be there when it happens. 


If the person you’re with doesn’t bring out the best in you, you’re with the wrong person.

Writing Tragedy

I woke up in my white house, in my white room, in my white skin. And with minimal surprise, I learned about another tragedy. Not understanding the gravity of the situation, I now have something to write about. You see, tragedy rings in a writers ears like the dinner bell for a dog.   Hell!  What are … More Writing Tragedy

Kids Like Us

To the teacher I had for four days and ten seconds: I used to adore you. I used to have such respect for you. I used to see you with such dignity. But when I told you I could not overwhelm myself with colossally high standards, you ignorantly remarked “…oh you’re one of those kids.” … More Kids Like Us