The First Night

Imbibed in the Devil’s lettuce we snuck to the bathroom.

Lowkey in love, the lights went out.

Dark as a tomb, it was a blackout.

Hiding emotions like a snack in a bedroom.

I stood with my back against the wall.

She stood in front of me,

Nothing but Mary Jane and darkness separated us:

It was eternal.


The first kiss was a miss.

But the second was redefining.

Our lips fit together like pieces of a puzzle: finally solved.

Completely mesmerized, she was all I wanted.

My brain said “AGAIN,” but my body stood behind the darkness: now light.


Two minutes:

My world spun around.

My sanity invaded.

My heart, captivated.


Two months:





Two hours:





I left her, but she kept a piece of me.

And left me an incomplete puzzle.


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